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Paramount Pest Consultants –

Pre Construction Termite Treatment in Pune

We provide all kinds of Pest Management Services –


• General Disinfestation.

• Industrial Pest Control.

• Vector Management: Mosquito Management, House Fly, etc.

• Rodent Management.

• Fogging and Dusting treatment.

• Weed Control: Pre and Post-emergent.

• Snake repellent treatment etc.

We are specialized and have focused our expertise service on Post and Pre Construction Termite Treatment in Pune, Professional Termite Services in Pune for all kinds of projects all over the country viz. Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat, A.P-Telangana, Goa, Delhi, M.P., U.P., Chattisgarh, Tamilnadu, Assam, Orissa, etc. etc. Most of the projects are Industrial, Residential Township and commercial projects which are in acres.

We are mainly specialized with all kinds of Termite Management Activities:


  1. Pre Construction anti termite treatments.
  2. Post Construction anti termite treatments.
  3. Timber Wood Preservation.
  4. Wood Borer Treatment.
  5. Termite Management in Landscapes.
  6. Preservation of Records.


We provide ‘ Pre-Construction Termite Management Practices’, Based on Indian Standards (I.S.) 6313 part II  for the new structures viz. :



  • Industrial Projects.
  • Chemical Plants.
  • Oil Refineries.
  • Air Ports, Sea Ports.
  • Ware Houses and Sheds.
  • Power Projects.
  • Residential Township Structures.
  • Bungalows and Farm Houses.
  • Sensitive Treatment for Hospitals, Food, and Farma Structures.
  • Dams and Farms.
  • Commercial Structures.

Before we start the Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment, we educate our clients, Project Management Consultants, Architects and all the site engineers of contractor about the Termite and its proposed entry point in the structure. We recommend Anti Termite Treatment and Pre Construction Termite Treatment in Pune which is required for a specific section based on its soil contact with the building.

We provide ‘Post-Construction Termite Management Practices’, Based on Indian Standards (I.S.) 6313 part III for the existing structures viz.  :



  • Sensitive Treatment practices for Precious Heritage Structures.
  • Existing Bungalows.
  • Small Houses and Other Residential areas.
  • Farm Houses.
  • Commercial Buildings, Industrial Sheds, and Warehouses.
  • Landscapes, Nurseries, Green Houses and Plantation areas.
  • Playgrounds, and open plots.

Before we start the Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment, first we inspect the site and study the existing status of Termite entry, its infestations and we educate our clients during the preliminary discussions. Most of the times there is great confusion in the mind of innocent clients but during our personal site visit, we share the entire information about termite and its proposed damage to the structures.

We offer the best methods for Pre Construction Termite Treatment in Pune, Termite Management and provide repeat applications for the complete eradication of existing Termite as well as create a chemical barrier to restrict the proposed re-entry of termite.

Other than the execution of Pest Management Practices, we also provide Professional Termite Services in Pune wherever it is required on commercial terms.