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We are specialised in TERMITE MANAGEMENT...Globally! Our Director Dr. Sarang Arun Savalekar, has deeply studied and established the Termite Management Techniques with the help of his research theme “Rules for Termite Management Techniques in Advance Constructional Practices with reference to the Label and Labeling of Termiticides”.

The management of indoor & outdoor pests Personal interaction with clients Best performance for assured results Quality reliable & professional service We provide best solution for the management of indoor & outdoor pests to protect your property

Pre Construction anti termite treatment

Post Construction anti termite treatment

Paramount Pest Consultants - Termite Control Services in Pune

We are Specialized Termite Management Professionals

First Book on Termite Management published by Dr. Ashok Kumar, Architect and Outstanding Director, 
CBRI, Rurkee during the annual convention of Pest Management Association at Daman 

Pre-Construction Termite Management Practices

  • Residential Township Structures,
  • Bungalows and Farm Houses,
  • Industrial Projects,
  • Chemical Plants,
  • Oil Refineries,
  • Air Ports, Sea Ports,
  • Warehouses and Sheds,
  • Power Projects,
  • Sensitive Treatment for Hospitals, Food and Pharma Structures,
  • Dams and Farms
  • Commercial Structures

Post-Construction Termite Management Practices

• Special Treatment for Precious Heritage Structures,

• Existing Bungalows,

• Small Houses and Residential township areas

• Farm Houses

• Commercial Buildings, Industrial Sheds, and Warehouses,

• Landscapes, Nurseries, Green Houses and Plantation areas,

• Playgrounds, and open plots,

Wood Preservation

• Preservation of old and new timber

• Heritage Properties with wooden structures and monuments

• Plywoods / Boards / Frames

• Wooden Flooring / Wooden False Ceiling

• Old / New Furniture

Before we start the Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment, we educate our clients, Project Management Consultants, Architects and all the site engineers of contractor about the Termite and its proposed entry point in the structure. Paramount Pest Consultants in Pune recommend Anti Termite Treatment which is required for a specific section based on its soil contact with the building.

Before we start the Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment, first we inspect the site and study the existing status of Termite entry, its infestations and we educate our clients during the preliminary discussions. Most of the times there is a great confusion in the mind of innocent clients but during our personal site visit we share the entire information about termite and its proposed damage to the structures.
We offer the best methods for Termite Management, Termite Control Services in Pune and provide repeat applications for the complete eradication of existing Termite as well as create a chemical barrier to restrict the proposed re-entry of termite.

Our Specialised Services

• General disinfestations: Industrial and Household pest management.

• Fogging and spraying applications against Flying Insects.

• Rodent Management.

• Weed control application for the large areas.

Our treatments are based on the norms of GREEN TERMITE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES by following all the necessary  ‘Safety Measures’. We preferably use Odorless Termiticides (ATT chemicals) with the recommended dosages and protect the Environment by following the instructions given on ‘Label and Labeling’ of termiticides.


Paramount Pest Consultants in Pune

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